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Whitening combo for clinic like resultsIngredients in the whitening products: PAP and HAp
Daybreak Whiten and Maintain Combo
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The Daybreak Teeth Whitening Combo is the ultimate solution to your worries about yellow, stained teeth. Add this combo to your routine to whiten your teeth by up to 5 shades and maintain the radiance for a long time. 

Our whitening products use a 12% PAP solution proven to be safe along with hydroxyapatite, the hero ingredient in our toothpaste, to repair your enamel through the process.

Each box of Daybreak Whitening Strips contains 14 treatments. The strips are adhesive and meant to stick to your teeth while you go about your day. Remove the strips after 30 minutes, rinse and flash that infectious smile! For best results, use the Pen as a maintenance tool during and after the 7-day whitening treatment of the Daybreak's Whitening Strips. 

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The Daybreak Restore Rinse and Brighten Toothpaste combo sitting on a bathroom sink Daybreak's Restore and Brighten Combo with a purple and yellow background
The Brighten & Restore Combo | Daybreak Toothpaste & Mouthwash
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Reimagine your oral wellness routine with this bundle that includes our fluoride-free Brighten Toothpaste and our alcohol-free Restore Rinse. Unlike any other products in the Indian market, Daybreak’s products are formulated in accordance with the principles of holistic dentistry and designed to nourish your mouth’s natural ecology.

They were designed by experts to be truly safe and cruelty free. It’s just better care for your radiant smile. 

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