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Whitening combo for clinic like resultsIngredients in the whitening products: PAP and HAp
The Whiten and Maintain Combo
Sale price₹ 1,299.00 Regular price₹ 2,299.00
Save 40%
Daybreak yellow sonic brush and PAP+ teeth whitening pen combobuzzz sonic toothbrush with 3 cleaning modes and 1 year warranty
The Clean + Glow Up Combo
Sale price₹ 1,299.00 Regular price₹ 2,149.00

2 colors available

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Buzzz sonic toothbrush and Daybreak Brighten toothpaste for a healthier mouthEssential teeth whitening ingredients in the Brighten Toothpaste
The Clean + Brighten Combo
Sale price₹ 1,099.00 Regular price₹ 1,799.00

2 colors available

Save 39%
Daybreak electric toothbrush and teeth whitening strips combobuzzz sonic toothbrush with travel case
The Clean + Whiten Combo
Sale price₹ 1,999.00 Regular price₹ 3,299.00

2 colors available

Save 33%
Ultimate Teeth Whitening ComboUltimate Teeth Whitening Combo
Ultimate Teeth Whitening Combo
Sale price₹ 899.00 Regular price₹ 1,349.00
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The Ultimate Brushing ComboThe Ultimate Brushing Combo
The Ultimate Brushing Combo
Sale price₹ 999.00 Regular price₹ 2,099.00

2 colors available

The Teeth Whitening Combo You Need To Get A Confident Smile

Get your confident smile back with the daybreak oral care combo!

Not having the confidence to smile or laugh at something you find humorous when you’re with your family and friends can be a downer. Experience a newfound joy in getting a bright smile that shines across a crowded room. Don’t be afraid anymore to laugh out loud or plaster a big grin on your face with our teeth-whitening combo.

Regain confidence in yourself and your smile by investing in our dental hygiene products available now for purchase at Daybreak.

Check Out These Oral Care Product Combos by Daybreak

The two teeth whitening products in this oral hygiene combo include items that you can use as you sit back and relax or at the very last minute before an important event. You can use these products alternatively, at the same time or however, you prefer to use them. This is the best mouth care kit online that you can get with ingredients that are safe for your teeth, enamel, and overall mouth hygiene.

Daybreak Whiten and Maintain Combo

This combo contains two products which are our teeth whitening strips that have a gentle formula that makes them enamel-safe. It helps remove the yellow stains that have gathered over the years on your teeth giving you a brighter and whiter smile.

The second product in this combo is our teeth whitening pen. It uses PAP, a revolutionary new technology that is scientifically proven. It helps get rid of stains quickly and prevents stains afterwards from your favourite beverages or drink.

These two products in our teeth hygiene kit contain no nasty side effects whatsoever. The ingredients used include hydroxyapatite and our hero toothpaste which repairs your enamel in the process. The strips in this oral care kit are a 30-minute treatment that is super effective, cruelty-free, and free of peroxide. While the pen is to be used during and after using our whitening strips for the recommended 7-days treatment.

The Brighten & Restore Combo

Our other mouth care kit includes two of our other products which are free of fluoride and alcohol. The presence of Calcium-HA in the toothpaste makes our SLS-free toothpaste very effective. It also repairs your enamel in the process of keeping it white and bright.

The other product in this kit is our mouthwash online at Daybreak. This mouthwash helps balance your oral pH as well as fight halitosis. It also soothes inflammation in your gum and contains minerals that are great for restoring your enamel.

These two products in this oral hygiene kit are 100% biocompatible with food-grade ingredients. They fight bad breath and gently remove stains from your teeth. Brighten up a room with your radiant smile with our all-natural oral care kit!

Other Dental Hygiene Products by Daybreak

The other product that you do not want to miss out on is our electric toothbrush. This toothbrush has sonic-vibrating bristles with a 2-minute timer and a one-year warranty. It helps to get rid of stubborn plaque deposits.

This is a separate product that is not part of our mouth care kit. It is easy to carry with you as it comes with a free travel case. With a long battery life, this sonic toothbrush is what you need to take your mouth hygiene to the next level.

Explore more of the ingredients used in each of our products as well as our oral hygiene combo.

Why Buy From Daybreak?

At Daybreak, we create oral hygiene products with the best natural ingredients that we know are the best for your daily dental hygiene and wellness. Each of the mouth care products we’ve created is made with natural, safe ingredients that have been thoroughly researched.

We have the best oral hygiene kit and products in India that are very effective. The formulas are free of toxins and harmful substances. Each product is created by our brightest minds with a mixture of science and botanicals. Wear your smile everywhere you go.

Get the scoop on all things daybreak, including preview sales and discounts!