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Sleek Daybreak electric toothbrushes with lightweight travel casesDaybreak toothbrush works to remove plaque, make gums healthier
buzzz Electric Toothbrush with Travel Case
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2 colors available

Daybreak's buzzz toothbrush is thoughtfully designed. It is powerful, portable and fully waterproof. While your manual toothbrush works at a pace of 300 motions per minute, buzzz delivers up to 28,000 powerful vibrations that eliminate 5x more plaque and enamel stains.

buzzz comes with 3 smart modes to ease you into the sonic brushing experience, a built-in smart timer and a loooong lasting battery life of more than 150 days. It works on replaceable batteries so your morning routine isn't tangled up in cords. The package includes brush heads that last over 6 months and a nifty travel case to protect your bristles when you travel. We hope it makes getting out of bed just a tad more enjoyable!

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Daybreak's Brighten Toothpaste with it's key ingredients including pineapple & papaya extracts and mint flavour.4 key reasons why the Daybreak Brighten Toothpaste is different from competition; explanation of the product's benefits.
Daybreak Brighten Toothpaste
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The Daybreak Brighten Toothpaste contains everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Our functionalized mineral technology, with Calcium Hydroxyapatite, is proven to repair your enamel more effectively, without the toxicity of fluoride. We complement this with papaya and pineapple extracts, to naturally rid your teeth of stains and add radiance. Our Magic Mint flavor will leave you beaming and feeling icy fresh for hours after use!

This paste is 100% biocompatible, safe and unlike any other product you have used before.

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Daybreak's Restore Rinse against a backdrop of mint leavesKey ingredients in the Daybreak Restore Rinse which include select minerals, aloe vera and L-arginine
Daybreak Restore Rinse
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The Daybreak Restore Rinse is a gentle formula that works with your oral microbiome, not against it. It includes a multi-mineral complex that fortifies the dental enamel. We paired this with aloe vera that prevents gum inflammation and L-arginine that creates a healthy pH environment. Our Enchant Mint flavor will leave you feeling ready for a chance encounter hours after use!

This mouthwash is 100% biocompatible, safe and unlike any other product you have used before.

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