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PAP+ Teeth Whitening PowderPAP+ Teeth Whitening Powder
PAP+ Teeth Whitening Powder
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Whitening combo for clinic like resultsIngredients in the whitening products: PAP and HAp
The Whiten and Maintain Combo
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PAP+ Clinic-Like Teeth Whitening StripsPAP+ solution for teeth whitening
PAP+ Clinic-Like Teeth Whitening Strips
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PAP+ Teeth Whitening PenCompact, effective tooth whitening pen's USPs
PAP+ Teeth Whitening Pen
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Ultimate Teeth Whitening ComboUltimate Teeth Whitening Combo
Ultimate Teeth Whitening Combo
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What’s Teeth Whitening All About?

Any procedure that lightens a tooth's colour is considered teeth whitening. A chemical reaction to lighten the tooth's colour or physical removal of the stain both are acceptable methods of whitening.

Options for teeth whitening include professional teeth whitening procedures supervised by a dentist or whitening treatments that are administered at home using whitening products such as toothpaste, strips, pens, blue-light devices, other abrasives and so on.

Best Teeth Whitening Products Changing the Game

  1. Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
    What’s better than brightening your teeth with natural ingredients such as papaya and pineapple extracts? Daybreak’s teeth brightening toothpaste is infused with the goodness of papain and bromelain and our proprietary magic mint flavour to keep you feeling fresh. We employ functionalized mineral technology, which uses calcium hydroxyapatite, and repairs your enamel more effectively and safely than fluoride. It makes for a perfect pick if you are looking for solutions for teeth-whitening for sensitive teeth.
  2. Teeth Whitening Strips
    Removing years of tooth stains and getting a movie star smile at home is no longer a distant dream. With Daybreak’s peroxide and cruelty-free gentle formulation of teeth whitening strips, you can get rid of yellow hues and stains caused by smoking, tea and coffee and other food colors within a week. Each pack contains 14 treatments that need 30 minutes each.
  3. Teeth Whitening Pen
    Convenient to use, Daybreak’s teeth whitening pen provides an easy brightening touch up for on-the-go use. Safe to use on natural teeth, this whitening solution protects your teeth from daily staining and adds radiance to the enamel over time. The PAP+ peroxide-free formulation of the pen is absolutely safe on your enamel and causes no side-effects.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

  1. Boosts Confidence
    Several studies have shown evidence that a beautiful white smile has a direct effect on successful interpersonal interactions, both socially and professionally. This is because radiant, cleaner-presenting teeth not only improve social perception of the individual but also boost self-confidence. Unlike other immutable physical characteristics, the good news is that teeth whitening products available in the market can help everyone attain a brighter, whiter smile over time!
  2. Enhances Your Appearance
    Everyone strives to have pearly white teeth at some point in their lives, and for good reason too! White teeth indicate that a person maintains good oral and dental care. People are more likely to feel good about those who have sparkling white teeth. As a result, your overall appearance is significantly impacted by smiling. When a person smiles confidently, they come across as more approachable.
  3. Adds Youthfulness to Your Appearance
    Forget plastic surgery; a quick and simple way to look years younger is teeth whitening. Unaware of it, a dull or discoloured smile might make you appear much older. In fact, numerous studies have demonstrated that having whiter teeth can give you a 5 to 10-year appearance boost. This makes sense because young people typically have sparkling white teeth, however as we age, our teeth tend to darken and become discoloured. While many of us concentrate on our faces and wrinkles as we get older, shining teeth are equally important in making us look younger.

Beauty Aspects of Teeth Whitening

Who in the world doesn’t aspire to have a radiant grin that lights up the room? Answer: Absolutely no one!

Our face is the first thing others notice about us, a bright smile is unquestionably something to be remembered. Sadly, not everyone manages to smile beautifully, in fact, the majority of people receive some kind of orthodontic or dental care to improve their dental appearance. While contemporary dentistry offers several cosmetic dental procedures to enhance the appearance of your smile, teeth whitening at home with the help of the well-researched teeth whitening products is the simplest, most cost-effective way to get those pearly whites. Teeth whitening at home can dramatically lighten your teeth by several shades, giving them an overall brighter, whiter appearance. Simply altering the hue of your teeth can enhance the appearance of your smile and even make your entire face look younger.


In recent times, teeth whitening is fast becoming a requirement for good dental hygiene and personal grooming. With various at-home Daybreak teeth whitening products, you can now have clear teeth without endangering your oral health, in a very short period of time. From teeth-whitening toothpaste to strips and whitening pens, you can get the best deals on our website and save on your pocket with our teeth-whitening combo and level up your oral hygiene.

A stunning smile has a significant impact on your overall personality. Your body releases endorphins when you happily smile with your bright white teeth, which helps to calm your mind. Additionally, smiling makes you approachable, which will encourage others in the room to reach you for conversation.

Daybreak was founded with the singular mission of delving deep into the science of oral wellness and delivering safe, high quality products. We ensure this through our toxin-free, biocompatible range of products.

Make your mornings more interesting and move into the new age of oral wellness, with our best-in-class electric toothbrush. Order online now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Electric Toothbrush

What is the best way to whiten teeth?

Teeth Whitening Strips, Teeth Whitening Pens, Whitening Toothpaste and Electric Toothbrush are the best teeth-whitening methods.

Does brushing 3 times a day whiten teeth?

The major reason behind brushing is to get rid of food particles and plaque, not whitening. As per general practice and doctor’s advice, it is recommended to brush twice daily since brushing guards against cavities and tooth decay. However, brushing acts as a good assistance in teeth whitening when used with teeth-whitening toothpaste.

Can baking soda whiten teeth?

No. You can read more about DIY home remedies for teeth whitening and their effectiveness here.

Why are my teeth increasingly losing their radiance?

With age, the outer enamel layer of your teeth ages and becomes slightly dull. Dentin, a yellowish layer that lies beneath this white enamel layer thickens as you get older making your teeth look dull and yellow.

Why do my teeth get yellow so fast?

Bad oral health, sugary diets and drinks containing tannins such as red wine make your teeth grow yellowish faster.

What's the safest teeth whitening treatment?

Using Teeth Whitening Strips is considered one of the safest ways of teeth whitening. Get the finest deals on the best whitening products only at Daybreak.

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