buzzz Electric Toothbrush with Travel Case
Daybreak toothbrush works to remove plaque, make gums healthier
Daybreak Electric Toothbrush has best in class features
How to use a sonic toothbrush
Electric toothbrush with 1 year warranty and extra brush heads
Sonic toothbrush best used with Daybreak toothbpaste
Daybreak Crescent Moon Sonic Toothbrush with sleek travel case
Waterproof electric toothbrush
Daybreak electric toothbrush is best used with Brighten Toothpaste

buzzz Electric Toothbrush with Travel Case

For a 5x better cleaning experience and a shinier smile!

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  • Displaces plaque deposits 5x better than a manual brush
  • Ensures you brush for a full 2 min
  • Whitens enamel over time
  • Looong battery life of 5+ months
  • Free travel case to protect your bristles
  • 1 year warranty & 30 day free returns
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How To Use

Daybreak's buzzz toothbrush is thoughtfully designed. It is powerful, portable and fully waterproof. While your manual toothbrush works at a pace of 300 motions per minute, buzzz delivers up to 28,000 powerful vibrations that eliminate 5x more plaque and enamel stains.

buzzz comes with 3 smart modes to ease you into the sonic brushing experience, a built-in smart timer and a loooong lasting battery life of more than 150 days. It works on replaceable batteries so your morning routine isn't tangled up in cords. The package includes brush heads that last over 6 months and a nifty travel case to protect your bristles when you travel. We hope it makes getting out of bed just a tad more enjoyable!

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buzzz Electric Toothbrush with Travel Case

buzzz Electric Toothbrush with Travel Case

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Yellow Brush Heads for buzzz (Pack of 2)

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Daybreak Nourishing Toothpaste

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Neha Agarwal
A Toothbrush Perfect For My oral care needs

I was thinking to buy an electric toothbrush for a very long time. But wasn't ready for the switch from a regular toothbrush. I was not sure of the benefits. Then I read an article about how electric toothbrushes are better in removing plaque and keeping healthier gums. So I decided to buy one. I chose Daybreak electric toothbrush (yellow) and absolutely adore how a toothbrush can look so cute and function so well at the same time. Loving my experience everyday.

Venkatraman Iyer

Have been using this for a few weeks and it is excellent

Tapas Pal Tapas Pal


I was recommended this produc and it is impressive

The toothbrush is quite fine in build and I like the colors a lot. The case is sturdy and well made, however I personally find it to be a bit too space occupying in my closet and therefore have not been using it.

I have used similar electric toothbrushes before and out of them all I felt this has the strongest vibration setting, which is nice.

Akshata N
Easier to use than manual toothbrush

It cleans my mouth more effectively. Recommend.

Maintain Healthy, Sparkling Teeth with an Electric Toothbrush With Travel Case

It is important to pay attention to your oral health at every stage of your life. A key aspect of good oral hygiene is brushing your teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day. However, we believe that not all toothbrushes are created equal.

Not only are automatic/electric toothbrushes more effective at removing plaque, they are also much more effective in the fight against gum disease and tooth decay. You can't really compare them with the old manual ones. The sonic vibrations of an electric toothbrush aid the user to get deeper and clean those areas of your mouth which are otherwise hard to reach.

But why should you purchase one from Daybreak?

Difference between Daybreak electric toothbrush and other brands

There are many electric toothbrush brands on the internet that make spurious claims. But at Daybreak, we believe in delivering the quality we promise. To make your brushing routine easier, our electric toothbrush with travel case comes with a slew of features.

Introducing "buzzz", our best in class electric toothbrush, designed for everyone from teens to adults, with a contoured design and features that deliver the best brushing experience. Our electric toothbrush can be used in 3 smart modes - deep clean, whiten and gentle - thanks to its sonic vibrating bristles. It is waterproof so you can brush in your shower.

If you're thinking of taking it with you on your next trip, its 150-day battery life is super-convenient. You don't have to worry about recharging it every single week or looking for a power outlet in the bathroom.

Dentists recommend brushing for 2 minutes as the key to good oral hygiene, but it can be difficult to keep track of time when brushing with a manual toothbrush, so our sonic toothbrush has a 2-minute timer and 28,000 oscillations per minute to clean your mouth thoroughly.

So what are you waiting for? Change your brushing game now with the best toothbrush available online!

Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes With Travel Case

The debate as to whether an electric toothbrush is better than a manual toothbrush continues to rage on. However, the science is settled. Electric toothbrushes are simply better for the vast majority of users. But it's no surprise that an automatic toothbrush makes your daily oral hygiene routine easier with its amazing features and functions. The use of an electric toothbrush is an amazing way to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Let’s delve into the benefits of an electric brush and how it enhances your dental hygiene.

1. Electric Toothbrushes Remove Plaque Effectively

While the bristles of a manual toothbrush can’t get to every nook & cranny effectively (often due to the lack of dexterity on the user’s part), a battery toothbrush (electric) with sonic vibrating bristles easily cleans the hard-to-access parts of your mouth to effectively remove the accumulated plaque and tartar.

2. Electric Toothbrushes Fight Gum Disease

Because Daybreak's electric toothbrush does the deep cleaning and removes plaque and tartar, it helps fight gum disease better than a manual toothbrush. Not only do you brush longer (the full 2 minutes) and better, you brush smarter with an electric toothbrush.

3. Electric Toothbrushes Eliminate Bad Breath

Bad breath is a sign of food and plaque build-up along your gumline and in the spaces between your teeth. By locating and removing the food particles between your teeth, a sonic toothbrush and routine use of Daybreak's alcohol and chlorhexidine free mouthwash can help you get rid of bad breath for good.

4. Electric Toothbrushes are Best for Individuals with Limited Mobility

People with limited mobility may find it difficult to brush their teeth properly with a manual toothbrush. This is where an electric toothbrush comes to the rescue. People with limited mobility can reach those hard-to-reach corners without having to move their brush around, as an automatic brush does most of the work for them.

5. Electric Toothbrushes are a Long Term Investment

A battery-powered toothbrush helps maintain good oral health by reducing plaque, tooth decay and gum disease, which can save you money on dental and other medical expenses. The harmful pathogens that cause gum and periodontal disease can be avoided by using a sonic toothbrush.

How to Use Electric Toothbrushes

Effective brushing is a crucial component of any oral hygiene regimen and aids in preventing cavities, gingivitis and oral health concerns. This work can be made simple by including a rechargeable toothbrush in your oral hygiene kit. With an automatic brush you can rest assured that every time you brush, you are effectively ridding your mouth of food particles and plaque.

Here is how you can put battery operated toothbrush to best use:

1. Floss before you brush

Before you start brushing your teeth, floss well. This makes it simpler for your sonic toothbrush to remove any plaque or food fragments that are loosened by the floss.

2. Hold it at a 45-degree angle

Holding your toothbrush at a proper angle ensures that you are brushing in the right direction. Hold it at 45 degrees and start by brushing the outside of your teeth, then move the brush head slowly and gently from tooth to tooth. Before moving on to the next tooth, make sure to hold the brush head firmly against the previous one for a few seconds.

3. Repeat the process on inner surfaces as well

After finishing the outer cleaning, move to the inner surfaces, and then once more to the chewing surfaces. Remember to brush the area between your back teeth. The buzzz will pulsate gently every 30 seconds to remind you to focus on a different quadrant of your mouth.

4. Brush on the Gum Line

Take a few extra seconds after brushing your teeth to run the brush head down your gum line and on your gums. Any leftover plaque will be removed by doing this. When brushing your gums, be careful not to press too firmly as this could irritate them.

5. Last and Final Step

Finally, carefully clean your tongue and the roof of your mouth with the ultrasonic toothbrush, this helps freshen your breath.

Why Choose Daybreak?

Brushing your teeth is the first activity of the day for most people. And for most people, brushing is a dreary chore. That’s where the buzzz comes in!

To make your mornings more delightful and your oral hygiene routine easier, Daybreak is your best ally. From SLS-free toothpaste, teeth whitening pens and whitening strips to finding electric toothbrushes online, all your dental hygiene products and needs are covered here.

Daybreak was founded with the singular mission of delving deep into the science of oral wellness and delivering safe, high quality products. We ensure this through our toxin-free, biocompatible range of products.

Make your mornings more interesting and move into the new age of oral wellness, with our best-in-class electric toothbrush. Order online now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Electric Toothbrush

What is the best electric toothbrush to buy?

Daybreak’s electric toothbrush. It comes with sonic vibrating bristles, a long-lasting 150-day battery life, 3 smart modes, and an amazing waterproof feature which lets you brush even in the shower. We firmly believe that it is the best electric brush available online, right now.

Are electric toothbrushes good for your teeth?

In contrast to manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes perform better at actual cleaning. Healthy gums and lower tooth decay rates are common among electric toothbrush users.

Rechargeable vs replaceable batteries?

Electric toothbrushes with rechargeable batteries usually come with cord and plugs that you need to carry with you at all times. With a replaceable battery powered toothbrush, you can simply switch out the old batteries with new ones no matter where you are. No more looking for plug points. No more carrying chargers every time you leave home.

Do electric toothbrushes have stiff bristles?

Daybreak’s electric comes with medium stiff bristles which are easy on your gums and tough on the plaque and tartar. We intentionally opted for bristles which aren’t super soft. This is because the sonic vibrations need bristles with some strength to deliver the most effective cleaning.

Does an electric toothbrush have a timer?

Daybreak’s electric toothbrush online comes with a 2-min timer with a 30-sec pulse to remind you to switch quadrants.

What is the electric toothbrush with travel case price?

The electric toothbrush price is ₹ 899.00

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