Daybreak's Restore Rinse against a backdrop of mint leaves
Key ingredients in the Daybreak Restore Rinse which include select minerals, aloe vera and L-arginine
Why the Daybreak Restore Rinse is different from other mouthwashes. 4 key benefits of the product.
The Daybreak Restore Rinse is biocompatible and upholds the highest standards of safety.
Daybreak's Restore Rinse soothing mouthwash with aloe vera
Gentle mouthwash on a shelf with other Daybreak Products

Daybreak Restore Rinse

Repair, reinvigorate and naturally brighten your pearlies

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  • Alcohol and Chlorhexidine Free
  • Multi-Minerals Infused for Enamel Restoration
  • Balances Oral pH Level
  • Soothes Gum Inflammation
  • Zinc Lactate & Mint Flavour Eliminates Halitosis
  • Biocompatible with 100% Food-Grade Ingredients
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The Daybreak Restore Rinse is a gentle formula that works with your oral microbiome, not against it. It includes a multi-mineral complex that fortifies the dental enamel. We paired this with aloe vera that prevents gum inflammation and L-arginine that creates a healthy pH environment. Our Enchant Mint flavor will leave you feeling ready for a chance encounter hours after use!

This mouthwash is 100% biocompatible, safe and unlike any other product you have used before.


Clean, high-quality ingredients handpicked by oral health experts.

Customer Reviews

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Loved this


Tushar Sharma
Best Alcohol Free Mouthwash

I have been in search of a alcohol-free mouthwash and I must say daybreak has given us a great product to rely on I am liking the fresh breath I get after a rinse.

Abhishek Singh
Great Product

This mouthwash, Daybreak, is a ph-balancing mouthwash that I've been using for more than a month, and it has done wonders for my teeth.

Abhishek Singh
Good product

I've been using the mouthwash for bad breath for a few weeks, and it's given my mouth a clean, fresh flavour that other products haven't been able to provide.


I have found my favorite and most effective mouthwash to relieve my bleeding gums!

Now you can fight tooth decay and enjoy fresh breath with Daybreak Restore Rinse, an alcohol, SLS and fluoride-free mouthwash. This peppermint flavour mouthwash kills germs, protects against plaque, and keeps bad breath at bay. Powered by a potent mix of science and botanicals, this mouth rinse is a healthier alternative to maintain your oral wellness.(1)

A mouth rinse or mouthwash is an essential step in your daily routine to maintain optimum oral wellness. Use mouthwash every day along with brushing your teeth to protect your gums and get rid of bad breath. A mouthwash is a helpful addition to the daily oral hygiene routine because it can reach areas that are not easily accessed by a toothbrush. A mouthwash for sensitive teeth can protect your gums, and prevent plaque build-up, and other oral issues like tooth decay and gingivitis in addition to treating bad breath.

Unique feature of Daybreak Mouthwash

At Daybreak, we only make science-based mouthwash that is free of toxins and harmful chemicals like SLS, fluoride, and parabens. Daybreak Restore Rinse blends science and pure botanicals to give you a safe, SLS-free mouthwash. Choose the best mouthwash for bad breath with Daybreak Restore Rinse and protect your oral health because we formulate oral care essentials that are safe for you.

SLS Free

SLS or sodium lauryl sulphate is a foaming agent. This chemical is a surfactant that leads to dry mouth, bad breath, tissue sloughing and sores. (2) Daybreak mouthwash for dry mouth is an SLS-free formula so that you can have a natural saliva flow and never worry about a dry-mouth problem.

Fluoride Free

Fluoride is a natural mineral, but a high quantity of fluoride can cause dental fluorosis, changing the appearance of your tooth enamel. (3) High doses of fluoride can be toxic, leading to irritation and allergies. A fluoride-free mouthwash can effectively remove germs and get rid of bad breath without posing any health issues.


Mouthwashes often contain alcohol, like ethanol, which is responsible for the initial burning sensation and dry mouth. A mouthwash with alcohol kills both the good and bad bacteria in the mouth creating an imbalance. Alcohol-free mouthwash acts upon only the bad bacteria and prevents bad breath or Xerostomia. Daybreak Repair Rinse is a pH-balancing mouthwash that is effective in killing bad bacteria, maintaining the pH balance and preventing dry mouth.

No harmful Chemicals

Daybreak Repair Rinse doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like triclosan, or titanium dioxide. This paraben-free mouthwash doesn’t contain any artificial colour or fragrance.

Vegan & Bio-compatible

Buy Daybreak mouthwash online because it is 100% vegan and bio-compatible with no harsh chemicals or bleaching agents. This mouthwash is also cruelty-free and gluten-free.

Ingredients in Daybreak Repair Rinse Mouthwash

Daybreak Restore Rinse is a multi-mineral mouthwash that maintains your oral wellness. Our mouthwash is formulated with potent botanicals and science-led ingredients that are safe and beneficial for you.

Natural Ingredients

  • Aloe vera – This aloe vera-infused mouthwash helps in fighting gum inflammation, and neutralises plaque formation.
  • Mint flavour – This is a mouthwash for bad breath with a natural mint flavour that gives you minty fresh breath.

Science-led Ingredients

  • Zinc, magnesium and copper- This multi-mineral mouthwash helps to remineralise your tooth enamel and prevent cavities..
  • Zinc lactate – Fight bad breath problems with zinc lactate-enriched menthol mouthwash.

Benefits of Mouthwash

Maintaining good oral hygiene is important for your overall health. Let’s look at the benefits of using mouthwash for oral wellness.

  • Using mouthwash for gums can help you protect your gums from infections. Daybreak Repair Rinse is formulated with aloe vera extracts to keep your gums healthy.
  • Mouthwash kills bad bacteria and protects you from cavities, oral infections and tooth decay. Alcohol-free mouthwash kills only the bad bacteria balancing your oral microbiome and preventing bad breath.
  • A mouthwash helps to remove food debris that is stuck between teeth where a toothbrush might not reach
  • A mouthwash for sensitive teeth helps in reducing tooth sensitivity so that you can have hot or cold food with ease.
  • An SLS-free and alcohol-free mouthwash can help you prevent dry mouth by maintaining the natural flow of saliva.

Alcohol v/s Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Mouthwash With Alcohol Alcohol-free mouthwash
Burning sensation in mouth No burning sensation in mouth
Kills good bacteria and bad bacteria Disrupts only bad bacteria
Disrupts bacterial balance Maintains healthy microbiome in mouth
Results in dry mouth Doesn’t give rise to dry mouth

How to use this peppermint flavour mouthwash?

  • Take 20 ml of undiluted Daybreak mouthwash
  • Rinse mouth for 45 seconds and spit it out.
  • Use at any time of the day for minty fresh breath

Use this mouthwash after brushing your teeth with the Daybreak Brighten Toothpaste after a meal or before stepping out.

Things to consider before buying a mouthwash

Ensure the following things before buying a mouthwash for regular use.

  • Mouthwash should be free of any harmful chemicals
  • Mouthwash should be SLS free and fluoride free.
  • Mouthwash should be alcohol-free
  • Read the label for actual ingredients in the product

Buy the best oral essential care products and mouthwash online from Daybreak and get them delivered to your home. Also, check out our toothpaste online for your oral wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mouthwash

Can mouthwash be used daily?

A mouthwash can be used daily to maintain your oral wellness. Use a peppermint flavour mouthwash like Daybreak Restore Rinse to get rid of bad breath problems. Use an SLS-free and paraben-free mouthwash to maintain your oral health.

What is mouthwash used for?

A mouthwash is used to rinse the mouth to kill bad bacteria, clean the gums and prevent plaque formation. Use an aloe vera-infused mouthwash if you have inflamed gums. Daybreak Restore Rinse is a mouthwash for dry mouth that helps in a healthy flow of saliva and prevents frequent dry mouth problems.

Is mouthwash good for your teeth?

A mouthwash is effective in preventing cavities because it kills cavity-causing bacteria. A mouthwash is also used to freshen up your breath and reduce plaque build-up.

What is the best mouth rinse to use?

Use an SLS-free mouthwash for your oral wellness. Daybreak Restore Rinse is the best mouthwash when it comes to SLS-free, fluoride-free and paraben-free mouthwash for sensitive teeth. It is made by blending science and botanicals. This peppermint flavour mouthwash is made with a natural mint flavour and the goodness of aloe vera to reduce gum inflammation.

Should I use mouthwash before bed?

For best oral hygiene, consider using mouthwash before bed. It will help to remove bad bacteria from the mouth and prevent cavities or tooth decay.

Is it better to use alcohol-free mouthwash?

It is better to use an alcohol-free mouthwash on a regular basis because alcohol is likely to disrupt the good bacteria in the mouth. An alcohol-free mouthwash keeps your oral bacterial balance intact.

Which mouthwash has no alcohol?

Daybreak Restore Rinse is an alcohol-free mouthwash that helps to maintain your oral wellness by acting on the bad bacteria in your mouth. It is effective in keeping your gums clean and getting rid of bad breath.

Can mouthwash get rid of bad breath?

Using peppermint flavour mouthwash is one of the best ways to get rid of bad breath. A menthol mouthwash like Daybreak Restore Rinse can get rid of bad breath by killing the bad bacteria.

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